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"I had severe neck pain from a water skiing accident. I suffered for three weeks, barely able to move my neck, before coming to Dr. March. After the second visit, I was finally able to turn my neck side to side! Also, I didn't have pain 24 hours a day as I had. After a few more visits, my neck felt great. I had full mobility back in my neck and as a bonus, my back felt better too. Thanks Dr. March!" ----Brandi Mizner


"Our 6 year old daughter's left foot turns inward. Because of this, when she runs, she sometimes trips herself. The other doctors we saw about it said nothing could be done but live with it--she could possibly grow out of it. Dr. March let us know her hip was out of alignment and could be hindering her foot aligning correctly. After her adjustments from Dr. March, her foot turning in is hardly noticeable. Our daughter says she can run a lot faster now too! It is something that we will continue to see Dr. March for as she grows and we are so grateful that he could help her."

"I have a slip in discs once a year, without fail and have since I was about 19 years old. I always heard deterring stories from people about chiropractic care will have you back once a month for readjustment and the care being a long term process. Until seeing Dr. March I would dangerously find ways to hang from my knees to straighten it back out. Dr. March did an x-ray and diagnosed the problem. I still have my slip once a year but he is always readily available to manipulate my spine back in order and I usually leave his office back to full balance within two visits." ----Christina Sweet, Patient


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